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3-4″ (7-10cm) Koi Carp

3-4″ (7-10cm) Koi Carp

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These fish are 3-4 inch Koi there pretty new and finding there way through the tough world of pond life!! There hungry they’re absolutely crazy little fish! You will see them following each other in packs and darting in and out of any weed or plants. We will provide a mix of colours if you have ordered more than 1. The selection this year is made out of Sanke, Showa, Kohaku, Kujaku, Ogon, Hariwake, Shusui, Chagoi and a few more.

These are really beautiful fish all starting there way in life. Our fish are picked at random with the aim to give a real mix of colours.

All our fish are harvested from our onsite ponds and put in our onsite fish house facility. The Koi are then treated to make sure there’s not a sign of a single parasite anywhere and there in tip top shape.


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