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8-10″ (20-25cm) Koi Carp

8-10″ (20-25cm) Koi Carp

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These fish are 8-10 inch Koi hardy fish at a decent size! We will provide a mix of colours if you have ordered more than 1. The selection this year is made out of Sanke, Showa, Kohaku, Kujaku, Ogon, Hariwake, Shusui, Chagoi and a few more.

These are really beautiful fish all starting to show their true colours. Our fish are picked at random with the aim to give a real mix of colours.

All our fish are harvested from our onsite ponds and put in our onsite fish house facility. The Koi are then treated to make sure there’s not a sign of a single parasite anywhere and there in tip-top shape.

More About Koi Carp –

Koi originally started there life in the rice fields of Japan, the local farmers used to keep them as food!! That all started to change as they noticed over the years and cross breading those koi they started to appear in different colours shapes and sizes. These same farmers are the families behind a lot of the koi farms in the heart of Japan in there mud ponds.

Koi carp come in many different breeds the main 13 breeds are – 

Asagi: One of the oldest breeds of koi; started being bred 160 years ago by parent Asagi Magois.

Ki Bekko: Bred around the mid-late1800s by a Magoi and Higoi variety.

Kohaku: Bred by a white female with a red head and a white male with a cherry-blossom pattern.

Sanke: Established around 1917 after breeding a Kohaku and a Shiro Bekko.

Shusui: Bred around 1910 by an Asagi and a Doitsu mirror carp.

Ki Utsuri: Started to be bred around 1921 by a Ki Bekko and an Asagi Magoi.

Shiro Utsuri: First-bred around 1925 between a Magoi and another variety that is unknown.

Showa: In 1926, the Showa was bred by a Hi Utsuri and a Kohaku.

Yamabuki Ogon: Was first-bred in 1957 between a light-coloured Ogon and a Ki-goi.

Doitsu Kujaku: Were first bred in the 1960’s between a Hariwake and a Shusui..

Purachina: Bred in 1963 between a Ki-Goi and an Ogon.

Beni Kumonryu: A rare form of Kumonryu, this variety was first bred in 1980 between a Kumonryu and a Doitsu Kohaku.

Kikokuryu: One of the newer varieties of koi carp, they were originally bred in the early 1990’s between a Kumonryu and a Kikusui.


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